Are You Relocating?


Relocating to a new area can be a very stressful time.  Whether you are single or have a family, there is a lot of apprehension unless you already have family and friends out here.  You're excited about your new job but this is a time where many important decisions must be made and very little time.  

Where should we live?  What schools should I consider?  How long will we be here?  Should we rent or buy?  How much home can we get for our budget?  Should we live in Virginia... Washington, DC .......or Maryland?  These areas overlap considerably in the Mid-Atlantic area which can make your decisions appear to be more challenging.  So many questions... 

Helping transferring individuals and families as they relocate to Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and Montgomery County, Maryland is our specialty. With more than 28 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industries, we have developed a successful method in which we guide transferees through the challenges of making a major financial decision in a fairly short time, in an unfamiliar real estate market. 

We provide peace of mind for the buyers and for the corporations that rely on our services for a successful relocation. Those are our goals and have many satisfied clients.

Community Information

Whether you're buying a home, selling your home or relocating, the following information, resources and tools will help to guide your decision.

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