What other People are Saying About Jan Allen...

We recently worked with Jan to purchase our home.  We were moving to NoVA from another state which always adds complexity to an already stressful process, however, Jan's knowledge of the area and real estate process, and her dedication to her clients really made it quite painless.  She was able to accommodate our schedule for showings and setup appointments on a whim.  She took the time to understand our desires and recommended houses that she felt would be appropriate for our budget and location.  Jan's expertise really comes through in the negotiating/closing process.  Her years of experience give her an invaluable edge in reading people and understanding what motivates them, thus positioning us well to place an acceptable offer.  As issues arise during settlement, as they typically do, Jan handles them head-on and involves you when necessary.  Her knowledge extends beyond typical real estate so she is able to offer excellent advice on financing and she worked seamlessly with our mortgage company.  Her dedication to protecting us, and our new investment, put us at ease throughout the buying process. 

S&B Schuck


We've used Jan to buy a home and sell two of our condos and would recommend her to anyone. We are also currently using her as we look to purchase our next single family "dream" home. She has helped us through issues we could have never foreseen and provided experience, knowledge and guidance through some difficult situations. For those who think realtors are not necessary in this day and age, I have to say we would have stood to lose a lot of money had we not had a realtor who navigated, researched and brought prior experience to the table in our situation. I have referred Jan to several of my friends and they, as well, have nothing but great things to say about her. Her commitment and dedication to her clients is incomparable. She takes the time to walk you through all the steps and scenarios when it comes to selling and buying a home. She listens to your concerns and will come up with several strategies to facilitate a transaction that is financially sound, which is a skill set that is very hard to find in realtors/brokers - she truly looks out for your best interest. I could go on for days about Jan's outstanding level of dedication, commitment and, most importantly, integrity - she truly is one of a kind!

R & G Jackson


 As a home buyer, I speak from experience and truly guarantee that Jan Allen is one of the most knowledgeable real estate agents working in the real estate industry today. Whether you are dealing with a regular conventional sale / purchase, or selling / purchasing a short sale or foreclosure, you can have no better representation than Jan Allen. Jan has an uncanny knowledge of the rules and regulations within the real estate industry and her representation on either side of a transaction will leave the buyer or seller in exceptionally good hands. There are a lot of real estate agents working in the industry, without a doubt, Jan is in a league of her own for exceptional service, knowledge, expertise, and professionalism.

Michelle and Erik, Fairfax, Virginia


I have worked with many brokers and agents in the past but I found Jan Allen to be most efficient, dedicated, and one of the most knowledgeable brokers in the Northern Virginia area. It has been very pleasant working with Jan and I hope to work with her in the near future. (Jan has since handled 5 of my properties.)

 P. Park


Thank you for such a great job in negotiating my last 2 purchases. I was under a lot of pressure, especially after I had to fire the other agent for not doing anything, but the clock was still ticking on my other closing. I really appreciated you jumping in and taking charge. I am fortunate that I turned to you in time. You saved me a lot of expense and time. I have 2 other investment properties I’m considering selling, but I won’t do anything until we talk about it.

T. Stalder 


I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for your top-notch service over this past year that we’ve been working together.

As you know, I contacted you from overseas over a year ago after two colleagues from the State Department referred me to you. You wowed me right off the bat with your responsiveness—you answered my email in almost no time and we were off and running.  We started working immediately to fine tune my needs and preferences, and your knowledge and experience was instrumental in getting me up to speed on the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland markets. The wonderful thing is Jan, that during the last year, you NEVER faltered. You always responded to my emails, you always picked up your phone when I called (this sounds like a small thing, but it is so rare these days), and you were always prepared with well thought out, comprehensive answers to my questions. In sum, I feel like we made a great team because it is so easy to communicate with you. 

When I arrived in DC with a short timeframe to find a place, you were available, prepared and attentive. You arranged a packed itinerary and put together an incredibly useful notebook of all of the possibilities with key details on each place. Of course, when we found a steal and I decided to make an offer, you were everything I could have asked for in a negotiator—informed, persistent, and with my interests in mind throughout.

From start to finish, I couldn’t have been happier with your services Jan. I would happily and wholeheartedly refer you to everyone I know who is looking to buy a place in the area; it has been fantastic working with you.

Best regards,



I met Jan almost by accident but it must have been Fate. She was showing another unit in my building for an Open House and so I thought I would go up and take a look as I was thinking of selling my condo.

As soon as I met Jan I knew that I was in the company of a true professional. Smart, knowledgeable, and definitely 'on the ball', I decided after our first meeting that I would list my place with her.

Throughout the process, Jan was in constant contact with me. Her experience as an agent provided invaluable guidance regarding staging my condo, setting the best price, and putting my mind at ease.

I had a contract on my condo very quickly and I owe it entirely to Jan. Her regular updates kept me excited about the interest in my home and gave me a good sense of what the market thought of it.

Jan really went to work AFTER the condo had a contract on it; ensuring that the “I's” were dotted and the “T's” were crossed. She was the ideal advocate for me as a seller.

I could not have been more pleased with the entire process and when I go back out as a buyer I will definitely have Jan as my agent.

You will not find a better combination of knowledge, experience, integrity, and character in a person than Jan Allen. She was always my agent but now I can say she is a dear friend as well.

D. Carroll

Have you ever had a realtor not return your phone calls when you had a burning issue to talk? When you call Jan Allen, you get not only your call returned, but your real estate issue resolved, as well. Jan’s extensive experience in the real estate industry and knowledge of banking and the banker’s mentality, make the way smoother and more intelligible for her clients. Jan Allen is one of the very few real estate experts whose advice comes with a retinue of contacts to help you sell your home, help coordinate the mortgage process with your lender and help you to buy a new home for the best price and terms. She will estimate the amount of time it takes to fix your property, put it on the market, give you a fair notion of how it will do in your current market, and help you stage your property so the sign on your place says “Sold”! I could not have had such a successful and pleasant journey in selling my home without her.

A. Cahoon


As first time homebuyers, we could not have had a more pleasant experience than we had with Jan Allen! Jan Allen treated us as if we were her only clients, and we knew it was not because she was going to receive a large commission check as a result of our first purchase in comparison to some of her more seasoned in real estate clientele. Jan offered guidance and expertise without being pushy or overzealous or treating us like “kids” even though we’re young. From start to finish, she helped make the process fun. She was able to answer every question we had, no matter the size. She provided information that was both simple to understand as first time home buyers, and valuable for our future as homeowners, as we made such an important purchase. Jan also wanted to assist us in getting the biggest bang for our buck, so our investment could work for US in the long run, while keeping within our budget, and not jeopardized our financial security. Her thoughtfulness, background, and demeanor gave us real comfort. Jan showed us homes based on criteria we specified and dreamt of, and she truly tailored a list that fit us based upon our wants and needs. She helped ensure that we did not settle for something we did not love. She was ALWAYS available to us, day or night. With our home-buying experience, we were watching homes we liked sell the next day or quickly become unavailable because of the first home buyer tax credit. Jan made sure we did not miss out on being aware of or seeing any potential opportunities. She worked hard to ensure we were always on the same page. Jan's level of communication is impeccable. She almost always answered her phone when we called, and if she wasn't able to answer, she called back within 10 minutes of our call.

Jan truly went above and beyond to help our first home buying experience be a great one! It was wonderful to not only gain a great realtor with Jan, but a friend as well. We have recommended Jan to many of our friends in the area, and we hope to use her again in the future should the need arise. We sincerely cannot rave about or THANK Jan Allen enough, and these comments are only the tip of the wonderful resource that is Jan Allen.

Dave & Carly J. (Woodbridge)


 Top 10 Reasons to Use Jan Allen!

10. This was, by far, the fastest, smoothest experience I've ever had!

9.   The most thoughtful care was taken to insure that I had all my options laid out in front of me and that I was as educated as I could be about those options.

8.   I never had to make one phone call to Jan to find out what was going on.

7.  No slap on the hand or negative judgement was made about how I let my situation get so desperate. Jan simply focused on what to do to make it better and I have no doubt that she'll "watch" me for the next couple of years so that I can position myself better next time! I know I'm in good hands now.

6.  Jan always looks at the BIG PICTURE!

5.  Jan's years of experience and endless contacts give her clients a greater number of resources than any broker I've worked with.

4.  Jan busts her “bums” for her clients and relishes in getting the best deals out there!

3.  My home closed much earlier that I thought it would.

2.  Jan Allen has the highest level of integrity and is truly a class act!

     ...and the number one reason to do business with Jan Allen....

                  JAN ALLEN! JAN ALLEN! JAN ALLEN!!!!!!!


L. Richman


Jan Allen has provided our family with simply outstanding service. We initially were talking with another firm, and when Jan approached us, we were not in the mood to take on another Realtor. So, not wanting to be unfair, we decided to load her down with a large number of preconditions for a housing search. In a short time, she provided us with fantastic data on neighborhoods, recent sales in the areas, mortgage possibilities, and a extensive schooling on the home purchase process (something we were in desperate need of). Needless to say, we shifted over and depended on Jan to see us through. We cannot recommend Jan highly enough, and would be glad to talk with anyone about her.  She has since handled 2 of our homes already."

 J & D Pines